All Chat interfaces are tuned to act as Support/Service helpdesk

However, a huge opportunity lies with site visitors to engage, influence, assist & sell apart from handling basic service queries



Very difficult to satisfy client via chat when it needs visualization OR consultative discussion


Customer net value not understood by Chatbots. Missed opportunity to engage & upsell/cross-sell.


Lack of Human touch for premium customers who have spending power & value service/assistance


Sales lost due to high Bounce Rates due to no initial engagement 


Only 21% of customer service interactions are actually personalized & discussions are contextualized


Missed opportunity to strengthen  product/service by taking Reviews / testimonials

Chatbots vs

  • Chat bots are text based interactions. Cannot enable discussion which needs visualization
  • Chatbot are pre-fed Q&A responses and engagement is dry
  • Banners & Pop-up are common mechanism to highlight special offers/highlights
  • Bot focus on Support queries and not appreciating the net value of visiting client
  • Interactions are less personalized & discussions are not contextualized
  • Feedbacks are generally taken offline and focus on Client support service quality
  • enables Live Video Call along with Screen Sharing/Co-browsing & share details
  • Live Human chat OR Human-Like conversations using OpenAI conversational intelligence
  • Pre-recorded Video Message delivering information via immersive experience and one click social share
  • Share Real-time Nudges : Highlighting content to upsell/cross-sell
  • Client facial recognition & contextualized discussions
  • Brand can take real time Video Reviews / Feedback and identify their brand ambassadors